Terras sem Sombra March agenda: Prizes, Serpa and Odemira

Terras sem Sombra is proud to have been nominated for the Iberian Festival Awards in the categories of Best Small Festival and Best Cultural Program, considering a recognition to the work that has been developing throughout these fourteen editions.

In March, Terras sem Sombra toured two more counties of Baixo Alentejo, Serpa (March 3 and 4) and Odemira (March 17 and 18), where the two upcoming concerts deepen the emotional and musical ties between Hungary and Portugal.

In Serpa, the festival presents in a world premiere the Ten Hungarian Popular Songs of Fernando Lopes-Graça, 64 years after they were composed, highlighting the relations between some works by the extraordinary luso composer Fernando Lopes-Graça and the popular Hungarian songs in who was inspired. This concert puts together, with the interpretive guarantee of the Liszt Academy, Portuguese and Hungarian artists, with the lyrical singer Cátia Moreso and the Magyar singers Hanga Kacksó and Áron Vára, accompanied by the pianist Nuno Vieira de Almeida, and Béla Szerényi, in accordion, flute and "tárogató".


In the concert of Odemira, the protagonism belongs to the Vena Piano Trio. This ensemble, which is arousing great interest in European stages, brings together artists from three countries, all of them trained at the highest level in the Liszt Academy: the pianist, Andrea Fernandes, is Portuguese and collaborates with the Budapest Opera, while the violinist and the cellist, Erzsebet Hutas and Kamila Słodkowska, are respectively Hungarian and Polish. The Portuguese composer Eurico Carrapatoso joins the concert, sharing the program with masters of the 19th and 20th centuries: Kodály, Hubay and Chopin.

Saturday afternoons are dedicated, from 3:00 pm, to find the extraordinary monuments, generally inaccessible to the public.

In Serpa, on March 3, Terras sem Sombra opens the doors of the Convent of Santo António, one of the most notable examples of late Gothic architecture in the Alentejo and a milestone in regional history. The visit counts on the guidance of António Martins Quaresma (historian) and José António Falcão (art historian).


As for Odemira, the target is one of the windmills of the "Moinhos Juntos" site. This equipment, recovered by the Municipality, is able to grind. Visiting it offers an opportunity to know a protoindustrial heritage worthy of attention, but also to reflect on the sustainable use of renewable energies, one of the great challenges facing today's society. With the guidance of Ana Tendeiro Gonçalves (anthropologist), António Martins Quaresma (historian) and José Matias (museum technician), on the afternoon of Saturday, March 17th.

Both programs are closed on Sunday with the safeguard of biodiversity initiatives which are going to practice to theory. In Serpa, we will know and defend the olive groves with 2000 years that produce an olive oil much appreciated for its unique characteristics, with the agronomist engineers José Pedro Fernandes de Oliveira and Francisco Garcia. And in Odemira, we set out to discover the geography and biodiversity in the cliffs, agricultural fields and clumps of Cape Sardão, which represents a habitat of great interest for wildlife. The advisors are Rita Balbino (biologist), Carlos Cupeto (geologist) and António Martins Quaresma (historian).

All activities are free.

Terras sem Sombra nominated in 5 categories at the "Iberian Festival Awards 2018"

The Terras sem Sombra is nominated for five categories at the Iberian Festival Awards. Best Small Festival, Best Touristic Promotion, Best Line-Up, Best Cultural Programme and Contribution to Sustainability are the categories that Terras sem Sombra is once again nominated for.

The “Iberian Festival Awards”, an initiative that has been held since 2016, aims to recognize, support and reward all those who, in Portugal and Spain, have contributed to the festivals’ success and not only at the level of the organization, but also, among other areas, at the production, logistics or brand activation levels. For the organization of Terras sem Sombra, a festival that brings together music, heritage and biodiversity in the Baixo Alentejo, starting in February 2018 its 14th edition, these nominations are a recognition of the work developed over the years and a stimulus to continue to share the cultural and natural heritage of Alentejo. We appreciate your vote until January 17th, through this link. The award ceremony takes place on March 15 at the Lisbon Forum, in Lisbon.

Terras sem Sombras at the Takfest

Terras sem Sombra is present in the 7th edition of the Talkfest - International Music Festivals Forum, with a presentation by the director general of the festival, José António Falcão, on March 16, at 12:00, at the Communications Museum in Lisbon.

Under the theme "Look from the Inside Out: Alentejo as Destination of Art and Nature", integrated in the Professional Presentations section, José António Falcão invites the university professor, geologist and blogger Carlos Cupeto o analyze together a territory, the factors that make it different, and what makes the Terras Sem Sombra Festival an example of the articulation between a cultural project and a set of development initiatives at local and regional level.

The TALKFEST - International Music Festival Forum, is a space for debate and reflection on music festivals through conferences (main section), seminars, presentations (professional and scientific), exhibitions, among others, that will be held in Lisbon on 15 and 16 March.

The 14th edition of the Terras sem Sombras begins in February

The Terras sem Sombras returns in 2018 to share the cultural and natural heritage of the Alentejo and unveil a territory of unique identity, which is affirmed as a remarkable destiny of art and nature.

The integration of music, heritage and biodiversity make this project a unique and enriching experience that conveys knowledge and memory. In the format of a season, the festival takes place, in itinerancy, in the Sines, Santiago do Cacém, Ferreira do Alentejo, Odemira, Serpa, Castro Verde, Barrancos, Elvas and Beja counties, from February 17 to July 8.

Approaching the Distant: Tradition and Vanguard in European Music (16th – 21st centuries) is the motto for this 14th edition, which has Hungary as its guest and collaborations from the United States of America and Spain.

The Terras sem Sombra reveals what is most fascinating in the visited municipalities, from historic centres to rural areas, from wildlife to local traditions. Through its programme, the Terras sem Sombra reveals what is most fascinating in the visited municipalities, from historic centres to rural areas, from wildlife to local traditions.

Each weekend of programming is characterized by exploring, in the chosen county, the three pillars on which this unique event in the world is based: heritage, music and biodiversity. Thus, and in an exclusive offer, opens the doors to spaces usually closed to the public, through a guided tour by connoisseurs; Programmed concerts also take place on Saturdays nights, in churches and other monuments that stand out for their heritage value and acoustic conditions. And, on Sunday mornings, take place voluntary actions to safeguard biodiversity in different natural spaces.